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Questions to Consider When Making Funeral Arrangements 

Published: June 6, 2022

For smooth planning and execution, there are a few questions you need to consider when making funeral arrangements. The answers to these questions will help you choose which funeral home in Unionville, PA is right for you.

Will you bury or cremate?

It’s important to remember that how you choose to dispose of your loved one’s remains is a personal decision. It’s not something to be dictated by your family or anyone else.

If the deceased has made their wishes clear before passing, it is wise to listen to them and follow through with their wishes.

If there are no specific instructions provided by the deceased, it is probably best that you make this decision together as a family unit or with close friends who have known them for years.

What type of funeral service do you want?

The type of funeral service you choose depends on several factors:

  • What religion or culture does the deceased belong to.
  • Whether they had any specific wishes regarding their funeral.
  • Even what type of person they were

If there’s a religious preference, it will influence your decision as you look into different religious services and denominations.

For example, a Catholic priest will conduct a Catholic funeral service in Latin with extensive music and ritual. A Protestant minister might preside over an Anglican funeral with hymns or contemporary Christian music.

Be sure to ask about the specifics beforehand to plan accordingly at the time of death.

If there’s no religious preference, how important is it for loved ones who may be grieving over this loss to come together for support?

To answer these questions when making funeral arrangements, consider these points:

  • What would be appropriate for them (or culturally appropriate)? What was special about their life? How did they want their life to be remembered?
  • How much preparation time do you have before the service takes place (if any)?

What activities do you want in the service beyond prayers and eulogies?

Some people choose to have readings, poems, a slideshow, or a video played during the funeral. Others like to include music as part of their memorial service.

Some families may even find it meaningful if people are given time to share memories of their loved ones during the service.

Where will it be held, and how long will it last?

The location and duration of the funeral service can vary, depending on the needs of the family. Some choose to hold their funeral in a funeral home, but others may prefer to have their loved one's service at a church or burial site.

Whether or not your loved one was religious, many people still find comfort in attending services that offer them closure after losing someone they love.

In addition to discussing where your loved one's memorial or funeral will take place, it's important to think about how long this event will last before deciding if it would suit you and your guests.

When you can answer these questions clearly, find a funeral home in Unionville, PA that fits into your plan. Start your search by calling us or visiting us here. Our funeral director is on hand to help you give your loved one a dignified send-off.

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