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Cremation or Burial: Why You Should Choose Cremation

Published: June 20, 2022

Funeral homes in Unionville, PA, offer cremation services alongside standard burial services. If you’re having trouble deciding between either option, here are some reasons to choose cremation.

It’s Cheaper

When choosing between cremation or burial costs, it’s important to look at the big picture rather than just the initial price tag.

Cremation costs less than burial because it doesn’t require any embalming or casket services and does not require a plot in a cemetery.

Instead of paying for the extra expenses associated with a traditional burial, the family can keep their loved one’s remains in their own home until they decide what they’d like to do with them.

In addition to saving money on cremating your loved one’s body versus burying them, you’ll also spend less on funeral planning and setup if you choose cremation over burial.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

The first thing to understand is that cremation uses far less energy and land than burial.

While the exact amount of space used varies depending on the type of coffin and whether or not you opt for an above-ground tombstone. It’s safe to say that cremation requires about one-tenth of the burial space.

Another environmental advantage of cremation over traditional burial is that it’s a cleaner process—and by “cleaner,” I mean literally clean: no dirt or staining from chemicals leaching into the soil around the gravesite.

Finally, the process produces fewer toxins than traditional burial, making for healthier air quality in nearby areas.

It’s More Convenient

Cremation is more convenient than burial for many reasons. There are no geographical restrictions or burial laws associated with cremation, and families don’t have to choose a burial plot in advance.

Ashes can be transported easily within the United States, while you can only ship a casketed body by plane or train.

Cremation also eliminates the need for embalming, which is often required by law before you can ship a body via plane or train.

Finally, funeral homes offer more flexible cremation packages. Unlike a burial, you can arrange a cremation online, and family members do not have to travel on short notice.

You Can Create a Unique Memorial

There are many different ways to memorialize someone. You can create a unique memorial for your loved one in the way that best suits their life.

A memorial can be anywhere from a small stone you place in a park to a large sculpture situated in the middle of an urban area. You can even have the ashes buried so they become part of the earth again.

Any type of memorial is possible with cremation; however, note that each type requires different considerations and costs associated with carrying out these plans.

For instance, you only need an urn if you wish to keep the ashes in your home. But you may have to buy a burial vault if you want to bury the ashes in a cemetery.

In summary, cremation offers financial ease, flexibility, and better personalization over burial.

Ready to choose cremation? Reach out to us. Our Unionville, PA cremation service includes various services applicable to any circumstance. Whether it’s direct or traditional cremation, give us a call today to get started, or visit us here for a free consultation.

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