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How to Choose the Right Urn for Different Uses

Published: August 1, 2022
in Avondale, PA cremation service

For your average Avondale, PA cremation service provider, any temporary container will do to collect your loved one’s ashes. But when picking out the proper urn for their permanent place of rest, the best choice comes down to the exact usage.

Urns, though widely applicable, aren’t all suited to every purpose. Here are popular ways people use urns and the correct urn for them.

In-ground burial

In this scenario, most urns will do, as long as they have a sturdy design from shape to material. If you’re burying the urn in a cemetery, you may need to buy an urn vault, which prevents the ground from collapsing.

For an in-ground burial, wood, metal, or ceramic urn works. A marble urn is also an option if you want an urn that acts as its own vault. Any durable material is fine if you plan to relocate the urn later.

Ultimately, since different cemeteries have their rules, the best way to pick out the appropriate urn for this scenario is to ask the cemetery management.

Scattering ceremony

This one depends on how you intend to scatter the urn. If you’re spreading on water, you will need a water-soluble urn that dissolves after floating in the water for a while. It must also be non-toxic.

In that regard, any biodegradable urn material will do. It could be recycled paper, leaves, or wood fiber.

If you are scattering on land, a biodegradable urn may not be necessary, especially if you intend to keep the urn as a keepsake. You will need something with better durability when exposed to the elements. So, ceramic, metal, or marble is fine.

Overall, whichever material you choose, the urn must have an opening that supports easy pouring.

Avondale, PA cremation service

Columbarium niche

Size is the most important consideration if you wish to store the urn in a niche. A columbarium is a structure with small holes for storing urns.

Niche size varies for different columbariums, and there are specific material requirements in some cases too.

Hence, like in-ground burial, the best way to determine the correct urn is to ask the columbarium directly.

Keep at home

When you’re keeping the urn at home, personalization trumps everything else. However, you still need to get something strong, especially if you intend to place the urn somewhere with plenty of foot traffic.

Plus, you don’t have to get an actual urn. It can be anything from an everyday household item like a tackle box or coffee tin.

The right container, in this case, depends on the person’s personality. The most fitting choice for a reserved person is not the same for a creative and artistic person. For the latter, something with more design splash is better.

You may have to get a themed urn that matches their hobby or reminds you of something they loved.

Some urns are suited to multiple purposes, and this will make your search easier. But seeing as it is a one-time endeavor, getting it right in one go is crucial.

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