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5 Practical Reasons to Choose Direct Cremation

Published: September 19, 2022
in Landenberg, PA cremation services

Funeral homes from Kenneth Square to Landenberg, PA, offer different types of cremation services. If you’re unsure which one to choose, here’s why you should consider direct cremation.


Key Takeaway

Direct cremation is the least expensive type of cremation. It is environmentally friendly as you don't need to use materials that don't decompose easily. It's a very simple process, has a quick turnaround time and easy to process.


1. Least expensive cremation

In direct cremation, the cremation service provider collects the body immediately after the passing and heads to the crematory. There’s no service, no embalming, casket, or dressing. You only have to pay for the cremation itself and administrative fees. 

And if you choose to bury the ashes, you only have to pay for an urn plot, urn vault, and the urn. All of which are less expensive than the equivalent merchandise if you opt for burial. 

For families with a limited budget, this frees up resources to host a beautiful memorial service after.

2. Environmentally friendly

For the environmentally conscious, there’s no better disposition method than direct cremation. Since there’s no embalming, you can avoid using toxic, harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. 

No need for other funeral merchandise like caskets whose wood and metal materials don’t decompose easily. More significantly, you avoid the carbon footprint from manufacturing and shipping the casket. 

Additionally, there’s little transportation involved. No back and forth to the funeral home, and with no funeral service, fewer people have to drive.

3. Quick turnaround

Direct cremation occurs immediately, usually within 48 hours, after collecting the body and completing the necessary paperwork. There’s no extensive arrangement to make and fewer decisions to slow things down. 

The process is complete within a week or two after the provider returns the ashes. This makes direct cremation the ideal option for families who want a quick resolution after their loved one’s passing. They can gain the necessary closure without needing to prolong things.

Landenberg, PA cremation services

4. Complete flexibility

Between zero funeral service and quick turnaround, families have the freedom to make their own arrangements—unconstrained by the logistics of handling the body. They can choose when, where, and how they want to hold the memorial service or forego it altogether. 

The family can take their time to craft a service plan that fits their tastes and budget. This is especially useful if they must wait to have everyone attend the memorial service. 

Additionally, direct cremation allows distant relatives to care for their loved one’s body. The provider can collect the deceased’s body, have the cremation, and send their ashes via mail.

5. Easy to arrange

The benefit to distant relatives is mainly possible because direct cremation is easy to arrange. You can set it up over the phone or via a website. There’s no need to visit the funeral home or crematorium. 

All you have to do is sign off on the relevant paperwork to authorize the process. This frees up the time and energy to plan a personalized memorial service tailored to your loved one’s wishes and personality. 

These benefits are part of why direct cremation continues to grow in popularity. If direct cremation serves your needs, contact us. We provide cremation services for families in Landenberg, PA, and our staff is available 24/7. Call us now to get started. 

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