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The Three Ways to Have a Cremation and Visitation

Published: October 3, 2022
cremation services in Kennett Square, PA

As cremation services in Kennett Square, PA, have gradually become the norm, many people are looking to incorporate traditional burial practices. Namely, having a visitation with the cremation. 

Before diving into the ways to achieve this, it’s essential to understand visitation. It’s an event where friends and community members gather to offer their condolences to the bereaved family. It involves the sharing of memories and thoughts with the family. 

However, many people use it interchangeably with viewing, where the goal is for friends and family members to view the deceased’s body and pay their final respects. It’s possible to combine both, but both exist separately. 

Based on this, there are three ways to have a cremation and visitation. We explain them below.

Direct Cremation with Visitation

The funeral home arranges no services or events besides the cremation. The provider collects the body immediately from the place of death; cremation occurs after completing the necessary paperwork. 

But as the funeral industry evolves and cremation providers adapt to families’ needs, some funeral homes offer viewing rooms where viewing/visitation can take place. Close family members and friends can view their unembalmed loved one and offer support to one another while they say goodbye. 

Another way to combine visitation with direct cremation is by making swift arrangements before the provider arrives to collect the body. This would require having family members who live nearby who can visit quickly to say their goodbyes.

Traditional Cremation with Visitation

Since the body is never embalmed or dressed, it’s only possible to have simple visitation with direct cremation. Traditional cremation is the better option for something more elaborate, like an open casket viewing. 

Because the cremation happens after the funeral service, there’s room for a more typical visitation that can last hours or days. After the death, the funeral home embalms and dresses the body before placing it in a ceremonial casket. 

During the visitation, the top half of the casket is opened, and guests can view the body and offer their condolences to the family. After the visitation and other funeral events are complete, the family says one last goodbye to the body before its cremated. 

The extra preparation makes traditional cremation more expensive than direct cremation. Still, it’s ideal for families who want a proper visitation with a body viewing. Plus, it buys distant relatives enough time to travel down.

cremation services Kennett Square, PA

Visitation with an urn

The third option is to have the visitation after the cremation. In this case, the urn with the cremated remains is the focus of the event as a replacement for the physical body. 

A post-cremation visitation can be combined with other events like a memorial service or celebration of life. 

The bottom line is you can have a cremation and visitation. There’s also no right or better option, only what’s convenient for the family. 

Take your time to discuss your options with your family. Remember, when it comes to cremation, there are no do-overs. 

Contact us if you have additional questions on how to include visitation in a cremation service in Kenneth Square, PA. Whatever arrangement you prefer, we’re here to help. Call us now to speak with our professional staff.

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