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What You Should Wear for a Celebration of Life

Published: October 10, 2022
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The nature of celebrations of life as organized by funeral homes in Kennett Square, PA, vary between families. They are festive, upbeat events that do not have a standard dress code like traditional funeral services

That’s why choosing the right to wear can be tricky for guests and hosts. To help you make the right wardrobe decisions, consider the following factors:

Where and when the event is taking place

The customizable nature of a celebration of life means practical considerations like the location and time of the event have greater relevance to the dress code. 

Celebrations of life can occur anywhere; many are held at informal venues like restaurants, bars, beaches, or a stadium. Hence, picking the right thing to wear depends on what’s appropriate for the venue. 

The same applies to the when, such as time of day and seasons. The proper clothing for a celebration of life in the summer is different if it’s in the winter. 

Suppose the event is happening in a park in the summer. In that case, flowy dresses and breathable t-shirts with jeans are more appropriate than coats and jackets. In the winter, the reverse is true.

What type of event is it

Celebrations of life exist in different forms. They are not always a party. Custom activities are typically part of the event, often curated in honor of the deceased person. 

As a result, the right clothing means picking what’s well-suited to the activities. For instance, a celebration of life for a nature lover may involve a mountain hike.  

Here, athleisure wear and sneakers are the proper outfits. For a sea-lover, beachwear like swimsuits and shorts is appropriate. 

In cases where there are different planned activities, a change of clothing may be necessary. Hence, as a host, it’s important to include event guidance in the invitation. If you’re attending one and the information isn’t available, feel free to ask the organizers what they have planned.

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General Guidelines

Specifics will always differ for different celebrations of life, but there are general guidelines for attendees to follow. 

For men and women, it’s still important to dress conservatively. This is the unspoken rule for all funeral events, including festive ones like a celebration of life. Your clothing should still show dignity and respect for the dead. 

Avoid wearing dark-colored clothing. Whatever you wear, add a dash of color. Light colors like green, blue, red, pink, yellow, etc., fit the festive and vibrant nature of the event. 

Respect the family’s requests. Families use color and style preferences to pay tribute to their loved one. Following the instructions is a simple way to express your support. 

When in doubt, always go with casual attire. But unless stated otherwise, men should avoid tank tops, swimsuits, undershirts, graphic tees, and t-shirts with large logos. Women should avoid loud prints, low-cut shirts, neon colors, and noisy accessories. 

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