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7 Meaningful Things to Do with Cremation Ashes

Published: October 24, 2022
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Choosing cremation services in West Grove, PA, allows you to use your loved one’s ashes in many ways – by scattering them somewhere special or keeping them close to you at all times. Below are some of our favorite ideas for using cremation ashes: 

1. Keep them at home

This is the most common use for cremated remains. If you keep them at home, you can incorporate your loved one’s ashes into everyday life – for example, you could place them in an urn as a home décor item. Or create a memorial shrine for them with memorabilia of their life.

2. Turn them into a piece of jewelry

It’s also possible to turn the ashes into a specific type of resin or gemstone, creating a beautiful piece of jewelry you can wear to remember your loved one. For instance, Eterneva turns cremation ashes into diamonds you can attach to a ring, necklace, bracelet, or any other type of jewelry.

3. Hold a memorial service or celebration of life

If your loved one was religious, you could hold a memorial service or celebration of life at a house of worship, with the urn as the centerpiece like a body in a casket.  

If they weren’t religious, you could hold the event at a special location such as a garden, park, or beach. During the event, you could share memories about your loved one, read poetry, or have someone read their favorite quotes.

4. Put the ashes in a fireworks display

This is a beautiful way to remember your loved one, especially if you choose a display they would have loved or one with significant meaning to you. You can make the light show more special by incorporating your loved one’s ashes into the fireworks.

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5. Create a memorial garden or tree

If you have a backyard or a big enough garden, you could plant a tree or create a dedicated garden in your loved one’s memory. You could also use some of your loved one’s ashes to enrich the soil in a garden, which is a symbolic way to honor them. Burying the ashes returns them to nature to birth a new life.

6. Scatter the Ashes

The ocean, beach, park, and trails are common locations. But it can be anywhere, as long as it’s meaningful to you or the deceased person. There are also companies that assist you if you want somewhere daring, like space or the sky. 

You can scatter the ashes on your own or with others. And you can combine it with funeral services like a memorial service or celebration of life.

7. Memorial Tattoo

A memorial tattoo is an option if you want a permanent reminder of your loved one. You could also get something that represents your loved one’s life instead of their likeness like an object. Or a symbol that has special meaning for you or reminds you of them (like a song lyric or quote). 

You may need a cremation service provider in West Grove, PA, to help arrange any of these. We’re here to help. Call us now; our professional staff is ready to assist you. 

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