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How to Store Your Loved One’s Cremation Ashes

Published: November 7, 2022
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Many people choose to have their remains buried in a cemetery. Others who choose cremation services in Chadds Ford Township, PA, may have their ashes stored in a more accessible location.  

If you want to know how to store your loved one’s cremated ashes, this article provides useful options for keeping them safe and secure.

A Standard Urn

The simplest and most traditional way to store your loved one’s cremated ashes is by placing them in an urn. Most urns are crafted from wood, ceramic, or metal and are often adorned with artistic designs or inscriptions.  

If you choose to purchase a standard ceramic or wooden urn, you can also place a photograph of your loved one inside. This way, their ashes will be safely stored, but you’ll still have a way to remember their face. Or identify the owner if you have more than one urn.

A Niche in a Cemetery

You can purchase a niche for their cremated remains. Niches are part of a columbarium, a structure built to hold urns and cremation ashes. This allows you to visit your loved one whenever you want to pay your respects. 

Niches can also be decorated and personalized in a variety of ways. You can have a standard stone or a plaque made with your loved one’s name and birth and death dates.  

If you have a plaque made, you can include a personalized message. This way, you can share a bit about your loved one’s life or leave a note of encouragement for other visitors.

A Memorial Bench or Sculpture

If you’re looking for a way to store not only your loved one’s ashes but also create a lasting tribute, consider having their ashes attached to a memorial bench or sculpture.  

You can have a bench made in the shape of anything you’d like. The person who crafts your bench will likely have a wide selection of designs to choose from and can help you create the perfect piece.  

If you’d like to have your loved one’s ashes used to make a sculpture, you can have almost any shape or design created.

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Store Cremated Ashes in a Memorial Diamond

Another popular option for storing your loved one’s ashes is to have them turned into a diamond. You can have a diamond of any size or shape. Some people choose to have diamonds made in the form of hearts, rings, or other symbolic figures.  

Once the diamond is created, you can wear it as jewelry or keep it in a safe place at home. Your loved one’s ashes will be secure, and you’ll have a beautiful way to remember them. 

Other ways to store the ashes include burying them in the ground, keeping them in a deposit box, and incorporating them into artwork. 

And if you need a funeral home for cremation service in Chadds Ford Township, PA, we are a phone call away. We will handle your loved one’s body with the utmost care and help you plan a befitting memorial in their honor. Call us now to get started.

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