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8 Tips for Telling Your Family You Want Cremation

Published: January 2, 2023
by Grieco Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc.

While the popularity of cremation is on the rise, it still has a veneer of deviance that can make it inform to tell your family about your choice. But if you’ve decided a cremation service in Kenneth Square, PA is how you want to go, here are some tips on informing your family.

1. Take the time to tell your family in person

You will want to ensure that you tell them in person rather than over the phone or email. This way, you can see their reaction and adjust accordingly. You don’t want to spring it on them without preparing them and letting them know that this is your choice, not theirs.

2. Make sure everyone understands what cremation is

Many people think cremation is another word for a funeral pyre, but it’s not. Cremation is when a body is heated in an oven until the bone fragments are small enough to be ground into ashes and placed in a memorial urn or jewelry. It’s a dignified way to handle a body with plenty of practical benefits.

3. Be ready for questions

It’s natural for your family members to have questions about your decision, so be ready with answers. Let them know that you’ve done your research, you’ve talked to experts, and this is the decision you want to make.

4. Be prepared for objections

Some people will be concerned about the cost of cremation or how it will impact their religion.

Suppose your family has asked for a traditional funeral, and you’ve decided on cremation. In that case, they could ask your ashes be spread in a place where they can visit them or buried in the ground with a headstone rather than placed in an urn or jewelry.

5. Make it clear that this is what you want

If some family members aren’t comfortable with your choice, let them know that this is what you want and why it’s important to you. It’s okay if they don’t feel comfortable with it, but make sure they know this is something you must have so they can either come around or accept that they can’t change your decision.

6. Focus on the positive aspects of cremation

You may want to focus on the fact that cremation is less expensive than burial, more environmentally friendly, and allows greater flexibility. You can highlight how these benefits enable other final wishes, like a unique final resting place.

7. Address concerns

If you’re worried about how cremation will impact your family’s religion or culture, ask a local religious leader or cultural expert to help explain why it’s not a problem and alleviate these concerns.

8. Plan for how to handle the ashes

If you want them scattered somewhere meaningful or buried in an urn on your property, make sure your family knows this is what you’d like and work together on making it happen. If you’re planning on placing the ashes in jewelry, make sure your family understands this is what you’d like and work together to select keepsakes everyone can use.

After the conversation, pre-planning is one way to ensure your family honors your wishes. You need a trustworthy cremation service in Kenneth Square, PA. We can help. Call us now to speak with our funeral director or visit our location.

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