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Honor the Dead and Help the Living with Funeral and Cremation in Avondale, PA

When a loved one dies, it's hard to know what to do. You may feel overwhelmed about the funeral process. With so many decisions to make, you may do not know where to start, but Grieco Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc. is here to help you. We provide loving and caring memorial, burial, and cremation services to help ease your burden during this challenging moment.

We understand that each family is unique, and we will work with you to create a personalized service that celebrates your loved one's life. Making decisions about a loved one's memorial service can be demanding and confusing, so we encourage you to contact us at 484-734-8100. Let us know your inquiries any time, day or night, seven days a week.

When a loved one passes away, even if it is not unexpected, there is so much emotion surrounding the loss of someone close to you. Of course, it is an opportunity to pay tribute to and remember the person who has died. But it isn’t really for them. The events that are planned are often given to offer support to those who are grappling with the aftermath of this loss. These are two essential things to remember when you begin to make the final arrangements relating to services like a funeral and cremation in Avondale, PA.

Taking the time to honor your loved one with public or private funerary services or events can be meaningful and supportive for multiple reasons. In some ways, having services can help bring together a sense of closure lead to psychological acceptance of this difficult change. Remembering the life and legacy of someone who has passed can also help those mourning to be inspired to find meaning in their own life experiences.

Distinctions Between Services Like a Funeral and Cremation in Avondale, PA

Avondale PA Funeral Home And Cremations

There is no specific “best way” that would be right for each client and their family to arrange for final goodbyes. However, there are many options and starting points that can be taken to plan these final arrangements. So, let’s take a moment to define a few formats and service options now.

Funeral Service: A common form of honoring ceremony is a funeral service. Funerals are calendared as soon as possible after death has occurred. This makes the most sense from a practical standpoint since a funeral service is centered around the deceased person’s remains. However, there is a lot of room for individual expression to be offered in the funeral from elaborate, upscale events with several parts or brief and very private services.

Burial Service: A burial service can be part of a more extensive funeral service, or it may be held as a standalone service at the time of interment. Burials can occur for casketed, shrouded, or cremated remains. Depending on your place for burial, above-ground and below-ground interment solutions are possible. If you are interested in above-ground entombment, look for an establishment that offers burial in crypts, mausoleums, or columbarium structures.

Cremation Service: Cremation is classified more as a body disposition or preparation service and less of an honoring service. However, cremation is undoubtedly a respectful means of taking care of the deceased. The procedure transitions the corpse into a few pounds of ashen remains, with all soft tissues being thoroughly burned away. If a public honoring ceremony is wanted, it can be planned for someone who has been cremated. Some people are surprised to learn that one person can have a funeral and cremation in Avondale, PA.

Memorial Service: As an alternative to a funeral service, the memorial can afford more flexibility by having the deceased remains cared for before this service is held. Especially if more time is wanted for planning or allowing families to gather, a memorial can be a practical solution to honor the deceased.

Life Celebration: This is a beautiful lens to honor your loved one if you are hoping to focus on their legacy, passions, and the life that has been lived. A Life Celebration can be worked into a funeral or memorial format. Some families find that theming an event around an activity or location meaningful to the departed individual can be cathartic and an especially poignant way to celebrate their life.

Supportive Helps for Grieving Families

Unfortunately, unless our occupations or life experiences have caused us to become educated on the matter, most of us will have little working knowledge about the grieving process or the average response experienced by persons who have suffered a loss. Gratefully, there are so many helpful resources to lift and support families needing more information on this topic.

Survivors of loss must know where to turn for help and know that they are not alone as they walk this challenging path. Your funeral home will be able to connect you with helpful literature, local support groups, and professionals who can help. There will also be tips for finding appropriate digital resources, supportive email campaigns you can opt into, and basic information regarding the stages and layers of grief that will likely be coming up.

Work with a Full-Service Funerary Provider

One of the best ways to simplify the arrangement of deathcare services is to work with a full-service provider. The complete funeral home and crematory providers will offer all of the needed services in their facilities. This is reassuring since your deceased loved one will not need to leave the care of the professionals you have hired. For a complete range of services, including funeral and cremation in Avondale, PA, call the experts at Grieco Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc. Our facility is at 405 W State St, Kennett Square, PA 19348. Call (484) 734-8100 for immediate assistance.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

1. How Do You Find Closure in Death?

  • There is no one answer to this question since everyone grieves differently and therefore finds closure in different ways. Some people find attending the funeral of their loved ones helpful, while others find it too difficult and prefer not to go. Some people find solace in talking about their loved ones and sharing memories with others, while others prefer to keep their grief private. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, so do whatever feels right for you.

2. What are the Reasons for Hiring a Funeral Director?

  • There are many perks to hire a funeral director. One of the most important is that they can help you navigate the complex process of planning a funeral. They can also provide invaluable support during what is often a very difficult and emotional time. Other reasons to consider hiring a funeral director include their expertise in arranging funerals, their knowledge of the various laws and regulations regarding funerals, and their ability to work with funeral service providers to get the best possible rates.

3. Do You Need a Funeral When You Chose Cremation?

  •  No. A funeral is not necessary when you choose cremation. However, many people find it helpful to hold a funeral or memorial service to honor the life of their loved ones. This can be a time for friends and family to come together, share memories, and offer support to one another.

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