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Some Important Purposes Behind Funeral and Cremation in Unionville, PA

We take pride in caring for numerous families in Unionville, PA Grieco Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc. We offer the most humble and professional burial, memorial, and cremation services. With our over 22 years of experience in the funeral business, we guarantee to treat your loved ones with the utmost care and respect.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service so that you can remember your loved one with fond memories. We want to make this difficult time as easy as possible for you and your family. Call us at 484-734-8100.

When a person passes away, the next of kin is responsible for creating plans for final arrangements like a funeral and cremation in Unionville, PA. This can feel intimidating and even overwhelming, especially if you have not needed to be part of an experience like this before. One of the best ways to support yourself is by finding the services of a funerary firm that has the reputation and experience you feel you can trust with this delicate process.

There are a few overarching purposes to keep in mind regarding these deathcare arrangements. The first is to care for the deceased's final needs and disposition. The second may not feel as obvious to some but is just as important. There is an unspeakable emotional benefit to those grieving the loss of this person by having the closure and reflection offered through some type of honoring ceremony.

Knowing Which Services to Select: Funeral and Cremation in Unionville, PA

Unionville PA Funeral Home And Cremations

There are many possibilities to meet these needs. It can help you make these decisions to know what is possible for the disposition and the services to honor their memory. Here are a few pretty standard formats to begin thinking about.

Customizable Funeral Services: A funeral can be a traditional event with multiple related events that work together to support mourners in saying a final goodbye until the deceased's body is laid to rest. It can also be a more straightforward affair without long guest lists or lengthy speeches. The most important thing with a funeral is that the deceased person's body will be in attendance for the services. Typically, a casket holds these remains and may be publicly presented for viewing if the remains have been embalmed.

Body Disposition Through Cremation Service: If burial in a full-sized casket seems unappealing, an alternative preparation for disposition is through cremation. The cremation process is similar for those who are having a public honoring service or those who are not. All of the regulations and best practices will be followed, regardless. Permits and certified death certificates will need to be obtained before the deceased can be incinerated.

After the scorching temperatures of the cremation chamber have consumed the softer tissues, some portions of the skeletal body will still be visible. These pieces are then processed into tiny, unidentifiable pieces that will be returned to the family for burial, scattering, or placement in a permanent urn. It is possible to combine the services for a funeral and cremation in Unionville, PA, for one individual. In this case, the funerary services should be completed prior to cremation.

Remembering via Memorial Service: Sometimes, having the deceased remain at the honoring ceremony is not possible or practical. Other times, an extended timeline means the dead remains should be cared for soon after death, with the ceremony to honor the departed's life can be held at a later date. Memorial services offer flexibility with scheduling, location, and planning time since the deceased remains are not an essential part of this service format.

Committal and Burial Services: When a body is laid within a grave, a committal service is often given to place the individual for final disposition. This can be part of a more extensive funerary service, or it may be held as a single event with immediate or direct burial. Burial services are held at the cemetery or memorial park where your deceased will be permanently memorialized. There are burial solutions for cremated and casketed (or shrouded) remains.

Honoring with a Life Celebration: One approach to honoring a well-lived life is with a Life Celebration. This type of service tends to focus on the highlights of a whole life and celebrating our experiences with this individual. Theming a Life Celebration can be a fantastic way to personalize and uniquely honor the person who has passed away. It can be worked into funeral or memorial formats.

How to Identify Resources and Access Help for Those in Mourning

Grief is the natural response to loss that will be part of your experience from now on after someone close to you dies. However, the more you learn about this response and how to recognize the journey of healing after loss, the better you can receive the help and support you may need. The caring professionals at Grieco Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc. will be able to put you in touch with some local and internet resources that can be helpful and applicable to you and your mourning family members.

Hiring the Firm with Experience and Options You Want

An experienced professional firm with a full menu of service options will undoubtedly make planning final arrangements such as a funeral and cremation in Unionville, PA, a little bit easier. Call (484) 734-8100 to reach the compassionate experts at Grieco Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc. We are ready to help at a moment's notice and are located at 405 W State St Kennett Square, PA 19348.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

1. Who is Responsible for Planning a Funeral in Unionville, PA?

  • When someone dies, the responsibility for planning their funeral generally falls to their next of kin. If the deceased has left specific instructions on how they would like their funeral to be conducted, then it is the responsibility of the executor of their estate to ensure that these wishes are carried out. Otherwise, it is up to the family members to decide what kind of funeral service to have and how to go about arranging it. One option you can look into is making arrangements online.

2. Who Can Conduct Funeral Services in Unionville, PA?

  • The funeral director is the professional who is licensed by the state to conduct funeral services. In Unionville, PA, the funeral director must be licensed by the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association. The funeral director can also be an ordained minister or a layperson.

3. Can Funerals Paid in Advance be Canceled?

  • Funerals paid in advance can be canceled, depending on the specific policy of the funeral home. Generally, funeral homes will require a written agreement and/or deposit to hold the date and time of the funeral. If the cancelation is made less than 48 hours before the scheduled service, many funeral homes will retain at least a portion of that deposit. It is best to contact the funeral home that you opted for – if you ask them nicely, many of them will reconsider it knowing that it is a difficult time for the bereaved.

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